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Women’s History in the Making

By Sienna Beck / New York City

The author meeting with Mia Amor Mottley, the Prime Minister of Barbados, in June 2021 in Bridgetown, the capital city of Barbados

Hey there, Readers! Remember me? I’m Sienna Beck, Future President. (Have I told you that already?) It’s Women’s History Month, and of course I’m gonna be part of it someday because I am a woman (or a growing young lady of nine, anyway).

One reason I want to be president is because look at the world right now. Trash in the oceans…Covid…global warming. Picture a world where all that stuff is far behind us. That’s what I’m aiming for. I’ve got to admit that another reason is that you get so many privileges but that’s last on my list of one trillion reasons. Also, I’m excited to be the first female president (if possible). Everybody’s counting on me, so I’m taking the risk. Let’s hope I succeed, though…

I’ve only met one politician, Mia Amor Mottley, the Prime Minister of Barbados. I met her in the summer of 2021. She and my grandfather, Jeffrey Sachs, were making a long presentation about fairness and climate change. After an hour and a half of the presentation, it was time for lunch. My grandfather, my grandmother and I led the parade of people into the lunch area. He and my grandmother sat at the "important people" table so I sat with two very nice people nearby.

Before the lunch started, Prime Minister Mottley sat down next to me. When we first arrived at Barbados with my grandparents and my family, P.M. Mottley sent us envelopes with cards that said, "Enjoy your stay/vacation!" and added three Barbados purses for me and my two sisters. I brought mine with me everywhere, and as Prime Minister Mottley and I chatted, I showed her the bag and the envelope. She acted surprised that I brought the card with me. Soon, when the serving started, she had to go to the table with my grandpa and grandma. One of PM Mottley's staff members sat down in her place. We had so much fun that we exchanged email addresses. I enjoyed chicken, rice, and a kind of tiramisu truffle for dessert. When we went home, I had so much to tell everyone!

People who inspire me to keep going are Kamala Harris, who shows girls that running for office is possible and as long as you try, you can succeed; and Mia Amor Mottley, who taught me that when hardships are tripled, stay strong. I love to hear these lessons and to be taught how to follow your dream. I’m also going to meet the French Ambassador to the U.S. in May (Do I have to wait?).

I thank all my fans on The Insider who urge me to keep going and for all your wonderful comments. I hope this article helps you follow your dreams and to learn who you truly are. Most of all, I hope you find your own wonderful talents.


Sienna Beck is a 9-year-old author who loves writing short stories. She goes to a camp called Writopia, and once entered a play contest and was selected to have her play professionally performed by trained actors. Sienna has two sisters, Willa and Olive, and they all go to P.S. 87 in New York City. Sienna likes animals, including pets and mostly dogs. She also wants to be THE PRESIDENT when she grows up.



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