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Time to Celebrate! Our 9-Year-Old Columnist Declares Her Candidacy

Updated: Feb 18, 2022

By Sienna Beck / New York City

The author with the valentine she sent to her classmates this week
The author with the valentine she sent to her classmates this week

Hello, readers. It’s me, Sienna Beck, your new 9-year-old columnist. As you know, it’s February, and we have a couple of important holidays, one just past, and one coming soon: Valentine’s Day and Presidents’ Day, two of my thousands of favorite holidays.

First up—Valentine’s Day, which took place this week on February 14th. On this day, valentines were distributed all over the world. Valentines of all shapes and sizes. This year, my sister Olive chose cupcake valentines with cards, temporary tattoos, and bookmarks. My sister Willa and I are still distributing puppy valentines; included with pencils and pencil sharpeners shaped like hearts, and temporary tattoos plus a card. People also love to give out homemade or store-bought treats, so it’s like a mini-Halloween.

I cannot mask my love for you!
I cannot mask my love for you!

Schools do activities on Valentine’s Day. I’m in fourth grade, and from pre-K to my grade, teachers ditch subjects and onto the fun stuff. We eat candy and decorate bags—but I wondered what it would be like during the pandemic, because last year I was all remote, and I did not go into school for the whole year, yet I did go in for the state test.

Well, Valentine’s Day was a success this year! We decorated bags, and gave out valentines, and even slipped candy under our masks. We played games like marshmallow toss, and more. Overall, Valentine’s Day was a very special day.

Enough about Valentine’s Day. There’s another very special holiday to celebrate very special people, which takes place on the 23rd…

PRESIDENTS' DAY!!!!! On this day, people are known to eat cherry pie, because of the cherry tree incident (George Washington’s honesty about cutting down the cherry tree). Most people claim it’s to celebrate George Washington’s birthday on February the 21st. Others claim it’s not only to celebrate him, but to celebrate all the presidents who have served the U.S.A. (even if they didn’t finish a term).

“I can’t tell a lie—I’m as sick of the pandemic as the rest of you!’
“I can’t tell a lie—I’m as sick of the pandemic as the rest of you!’

Most people don’t even care that this is considered a holiday, but it’s very important to me–maybe because I, Sienna Beck, want to be president when I am older. I believe that it should be as important as Halloween and Christmas.

In conclusion, February’s holidays are very important. I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!!!

See you next month!


Sienna Beck is a 9-year-old author who loves writing short stories. She goes to a camp called Writopia, and once entered a play contest and was selected to have her play professionally performed by trained actors. Sienna has two sisters, Willa and Olive, and they all go to P.S. 87 in New York City. Sienna likes animals, including pets and mostly dogs. She also wants to be THE PRESIDENT when she grows up.

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