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The Very Model of a Modern Pandemic Pupil

Updated: Jul 3, 2020

By her own description, Sienna Beck is “7.5 years old.” But when it comes to COVID-19, some would say that she knows more than the President of the United States. Sienna, who lives in Manhattan with her parents, Lisa Sachs and Matt Beck, as well as her younger sisters, Willa (age 5.5) and Olive (age 3.5), is well-schooled in all things pandemic. Besides hearing her parents discuss the current crisis, Sienna’s school, which went remote along with all New York City public schools, has worked hard to keep its students in the know. Her classmates even prepared Pandemic Time Capsules, memorializing the ways in which they studied and played this spring. Besides being on her way to a book contract, Sienna loves reading and art projects. She has her say in this essay:

Sienna Beck Essay



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