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Summer Days are Donor Days for Our 9-Year-Old Columnist

Updated: Aug 15, 2022

By Sienna Beck / New York City

The author proudly displaying one of her Rainbow Loom bracelets
The author proudly displaying one of her Rainbow Loom bracelets

In May, something magical happened.

I started bringing Rainbow Loom, the magical little rubber bands, to school. My friends and I started making Rainbow Loom bracelets at recess and lunch. Then I had the idea to start selling them. Who knew that 20 little rubber bands woven together could get me $1.50? That got me thinking…

Starting in May, after school, I sold handmade Rainbow Loom jewelry. I prepared a price sheet for rings, bracelets and necklaces, and I sold them on the playground. Some days, I would work really hard and make as much as $30. But the magic was when I realized after a couple days that I could sell more items AND support some of the issues that I cared about. So I quickly changed my signs and started to sell the jewelry to support important causes.

It wasn’t too hard to come up with the first cause. Every day, as I walked past bus stops on the way to school, the screens displayed (in all caps), “CHILDREN IN UKRAINE NEED YOUR HELP!” I got a headache every time I looked at those screens. But those headaches all screamed at me, “THAT’S IT!” (Also in all caps.) I made several signs that said SUPPORT UKRAINE! I also included the price list. Then, I would go to the school playground and try to make money. By the end of the month, I came up with about $100, which my father helped me donate to the organization on the billboards we passed.

In June, after the school shooting in Uvalde, Texas, I raised $100 for gun control. July? I raised $100 for Make A Wish for cancer, while I am continuing to raise money for gun control. (So far, I have raised another $50.) This month, I plan to raise money for an organization supporting Black Lives Matter. I have started doing my research, but I need to do more.

Ever since I began making money and jewelry, more and more kids have been working on jewelry and helping me sell. My two sisters help, and friends help when we’re on the playground together. I have to admit, without their help, I would’ve only made $10 this entire month.

One thing that would make my selling easier is if I had my own Venmo account and a credit card register for people who wanted to donate but who don’t have cash. There have been at least 80 people who wanted to donate but did not have money at the time. I am also grateful for the people who turn down my offer of jewelry just to donate.

Yep, in May, something magical happened. And since that day, I can see how I can make a difference in the world.


Sienna Beck is a future author. She would like to become president when she is older. Until she can make a bigger impact toward the world, she will settle for fundraising $100 or more every month. She lives in New York City (the best city in the world!) and spends her days ping-ponging between her two sisters, Willa and Olive.



Aug 07, 2022

😊 I love recieving comments and feedback! Thank you!!!❤️


Aug 07, 2022

I love this!


Aug 02, 2022

What a wonderful project, SIenna! You are, indeed, a kind, compassionate, gifted human! And a terrific writer and observer!

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