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Sound the Bugles! The Insider has a New Motto

It’s hard to remember, more than a year and a half later, how frightening the beginning of the pandemic was. As we washed down our groceries, scavenged for hand sanitizer and toilet paper, and bade farewell to our friends and family members, we had no idea of what was in store. Covid-19 was an unwelcome and deadly new guest in our world.

The Insider was born in that scary milieu. We were drawn to the name because of its dual meaning. We were people shut in at home, but still trying hard to be on the inside of what was happening. The subtitle on our masthead reflected our plight: “For people who are sheltering in place.” Likewise, our motto– “Hands On the Heart, Six feet Apart”– was an attempt to stay close to the rest of the world, despite practicing masked caution when we infrequently went out. Behind our locked doors, we started to publish.

Thank goodness, we are no longer in that dark place. After more than 35 million cases of Covid in the United States and more than 625,000 deaths, we are a sadder but wiser nation. We understand more about how the virus is transmitted and how to better protect ourselves and our loved ones. Against the odds, considering the inept stewardship by the last administration, we now have astonishingly effective—although not infallible—vaccines to protect ourselves with, should we choose to avail ourselves. We also have a caring new President who has acted with haste and competence to rectify the health crisis.

Given this social and medical transition, we at The Insider think that it’s time for a journalistic course correction too. We are dropping “For people who are sheltering in place,” because no one is doing that anymore. And instead of “Hands On the Heart, Six feet Apart,” our paean to social distancing, we are changing our motto to Emerge Even Stronger. It conveys our hope that we will all emerge from the pandemic not only intact, but bolder and more unified than ever.

We do not mean to imply that the pandemic is over. Far from it. The number of Covid cases are surging again in all 50 states, with mask mandates making an unwanted return in some jurisdictions. The Delta variant is on the rampage, a point which has not been lost on the stock market, which dipped to its lowest level since May this week. Millions of Americans refuse to get vaccinated, as misinformation spreads as quickly as a virus. Again, no one knows exactly what’s over the horizon.

It is indisputable that we have hit an inflection point, a transitional moment. Here in Manhattan, Broadway shows are scheduled to open soon, the restaurant scene is hopping, and businesses and schools are regrouping. In short, we don’t expect to go back to Square One. And hope springs eternal—today, Senate Minority Leader Mitch McConnell belatedly urged Americans to get vaccinated. So we invite you to emerge even stronger with your friends at The Insider. We promise to keep you on the Inside track!

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