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Sayonara, It’s Been Great!

Updated: Jul 25, 2023

By Judi Markowitz / Detroit

The author

Writing for The Insider has been a big bonus in my life. It brought me immeasurable joy when I wrote articles about my family, friends, total strangers and topics that touched my heart. My only regret is that I did not join the Insider staff earlier. I came on board in August 2022, and my first article concerned the impact of the pandemic on my daughter Lindsay, who has special needs. It was a difficult time for Lindsay when her program shut down and spending 14 months at home without going out into the community she loved was problematic. I wrote several other articles about Lindsay’s life and my hope was that it would open eyes. The commentary left by readers definitely reflected my aspirations. Reading the remarks about my stories was undoubtedly a highlight. People took the time to let me know how they felt about my column, and I have nothing but gratitude. It never ceased to be a thrill perusing the responses at the end of my stories. Readers are the core of the magazine, and they were certainly loyal – thank you. one and all! You embraced my work, and for that I am truly appreciative. A big salute goes out to Andi for starting a magazine, against all odds, during the pandemic. It was a bold move in a dark time, but her journalistic prowess shined through. She is an extraordinary editor. I have known Andi since we were children, in elementary school, to be exact. She was bright, tenacious and a kind soul. I wasn’t surprised to hear about her pandemic magazine and that she had started it from the ground up. She is truly a talented woman. It was a pleasure working for Andi and it rekindled our friendship. It was also a pleasure to read the articles from the gifted writers and ever-expanding staff. Each issue contained a wide range of subject matters and that’s what made The Insider unique.

And with the technical wizardry of Matt Nadelson, our technology manager, the magazine was a true success. Matt’s artistry served The Insider well and he helped to create an incredible visual for the readers. I even had several tutorials from Matt and he certainly improved my limited technical skills-thank you Matt! I will be eternally grateful to Andi for giving me the opportunity to write for The Insider. I plan to continue writing, but I don’t know where my next stop will be-stay tuned, readers! Onward and upwards.

Judi Markowitz


Judi Markowitz is a retired high school English teacher of 34 years. She primarily taught 12th grade and had the pleasure of her three sons gracing her classes. In addition, she taught debate, forensics, and Detroit film. Judi has four adult children and seven wonderful grandchildren. She is married to Jeffrey Markowitz, whom she met in high school.

Judi grew up in Oak Park, Mich. which had a stellar school district, with excellent teachers. The city provided activities for all–and there were even sidewalks. Judi moved to Huntington Woods as an adult, which is a half mile from her childhood home. She wanted the same experience for her children as she had growing up, and Huntington Woods provided that. The View from Four Foot Two is Judi’s first book.

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