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Roller Girl

Updated: Jan 7, 2022

By Willa Beck / New York City

The author
The author

Whoosh! Whoosh!

I zoom down the hall

as my mom, dad, and babysitter

stand in the doorway amazed.

I’m on roller skates!

The wheels light up

with red, green, pink, and blue

with a background of ultraviolet.

I stop as I go wham

against the mirror

and turn around and my parents

and babysitter clap and clap.

I try to roller skate in all my free time.

I skate after school, over the weekends,

and I even dream about roller skating!

I go roller skating with my friends.

My friend Amalia prefers roller blades,

but I roller skate anyway.

We race down the halls.

Amalia usually wins on roller blades.

I hope you try roller skates!


Willa Beck, who is 7, is a 2nd grader at PS 87 in Manhattan.  She asked her grandparents for roller skates for Hanukkah and taught herself to roller skate. Other than roller skating, Willa enjoys biking, ice skating, rollerblading, and scootering. When she grows up, she wants to be a roller-skating astronaut. She wants to roller skate on the moon.

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