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Outrunning Covid in a Senior Residence in Canada

By Naomi Cohen / Calgary, Alberta

Red letter, purple letter, any letter day you want---I was vaccinated yesterday against Covid-19. We had a recent case in one of the lockdown units. Unfortunately, this person passed away. and so--lockdown continues--no visitors from the outside world. I miss [her daughter and son-in-law] Deb and Steve so much--they are a delightful breath of fresh air in a fetid environment. We are not allowed to mingle with other residents and days and nights are extremely lonely.

Meals are served in our rooms and it feels like being a convict in isolation. My apartment is at the very end of a long corridor. When Hal [her late husband of 68 years] and I walked, he called it “the longest mile.” Some nights before dinner, my neighbor across the hall and I sit in our respective doorways and have a glass of wine and a visit. Calgary has a lot of sunshine and I have windows all around the living room, It is usually warm enough to keep windows open making it very pleasant.

The LPN just came in to take my temperature--twice a day for everyone to make sure that no one is sick. I walk Crow, my big (20 lbs!) cat, down the hallway a few times a day. He is good unless he spots an open doorway--then I have to urge him along. We have pull cords in the hall to call for help, if needed. Crow loves to pull them and we race to see who reaches them first.

Cannot wait for Trump to be out of sight. May Biden and Harris be safe and well and lead us to better times!


Naomi Cohen, 91, has lived at the McKenzie Towne retirement community in Calgary for nearly five years. Born and raised in Detroit, Naomi has lived in Canada since 1955, but has remained a U.S. citizen.



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