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My 2022 in Haiku! Our 10-Year-Old Columnist Versifies

By Sienna Beck / New York City

Poetry in Motion: Sienna Beck
Poetry in Motion: Sienna Beck

I started writing haiku not that long ago. I owe it to the molar that stayed put for three years. From the tooth fairy, I received a stationery kit with all types of notepads. The biggest pad it came with had three lines and three sections, and I noticed it was perfect for haiku.

I learned about haiku last year. There are posters outside my school library with descriptions of all types of poetry. But I sort of forgot that, but recently, the book Cat Kid Comic Club: Perspectives by Dav Pilkey revived my memory of haiku, and that memory stayed with me until the night of the tooth fairy's visit. I was wondering what to do with the paper with 3-lined sections and bam: instant haiku blast. I wrote one page, then the back, then more and more until I had a total of 22 haikus. I discovered I had a gift for poetry, and I've been writing haiku nonstop since!

Haiku is a type of Japanese poetry based on syllables: five syllables, seven syllables, and then five syllables again. It can be a pain when you’re trying to convert a sentence into five, seven, or five syllables: like trying to convert “I really want a dog, but my mom says no” to seven syllables: “I want a dog. Mom says no.” Or to five syllables: “I want dog. Mom, no.” Most of the time, you can’t get the message through. But, well, that’s haiku!

For my end-of-year Insider column, I have written two haikus for each month of the year. I’ve selected the highlights of each month and written a haiku for each.

I hope you have happy holidays, and I look forward to writing for you in the New Year!


Bad, bad New Year’s Day.

Willa got Covid-19.

Don’t let me catch it.

Daddy’s birthday! Yay!

We made lots of cards and stuff.

It’s a joyful day!


Valentine’s Day, yay!

I got a lot of candy!

I’m not sharing it.

We went on vacay!

We flew to Miami! Whoosh!

It became real hot.


In March, I went to

Orlando and Disney World.

It was really great!

We went on the rides

(And ate a lot of snacks. Yum!)

We had a great time!


April brings school break!

Statue of Liberty, and

I ran my first race!

I was very fast.

It wasn’t that big a deal.

It was very short.


In May, I went to:

Niagara Falls (it’s wet!)

Mist turned to rainbows!

Grandpa got a prize.

The French Legion of Honor.

I am proud of him.


Here’s something I did:

I went to Rome in hot June.

I had a great time!

I walked so, so much.

I climbed the St. Peter’s Dome.

Also, school ended.


In July, I went

To Greece and Turkey (Real fun!)

We saw famous mosques.

It was Mom’s birthday.

We swam in volcanic pools.

We ate fine seafood.


In August, I did

A lemonade stand (Soooooo good!)

And Olive turned 6.

She had a party

At the playground with her friends.

The snacks were good, too.


September! School starts!

Willa turned 8 and also

We took vacations.

We went to this place,

Super-cool Colonial

Williamsburg! Yay!


October is cool!

I went to Philly. I saw

Independence Hall.

I turned 10 on the

10th of October. 10/10!

I feel super old.


In November, I

Celebrated Thanksgiving.

Went to the parade!

Yum, we ate good food.

I played with all my cousins.

It was a great day!


December- made it!

Celebrated Hanukkah,

Ate lots of sweets. Yum!

We light hot candles

For eight days on Hanukkah.

We eat latkes too.


Sienna Beck is a future author. She would like to become president when she is older. She lives in New York City (the best city in the world!) and spends her days ping-ponging between her two sisters, Willa and Olive.

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1 Comment

Dec 20, 2022

Actually, I enjoyed your prose even more than the haikus, with the exception of the 7 syllables dog one; wonderful!!

Keep going- with all Best Wishes!

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