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Lowell Liebermann on the Secret of Being a Successful Classical Music Composer

Fred Plotkin, a pleasure activist and passionate Italy and culinary expert, speaks each Friday with leading people in the arts


FRED PLOTKIN is one of America’s foremost experts on opera and has distinguished himself in many fields as a writer, speaker, consultant and as a compelling teacher. He is an expert on everything Italian, the person other so-called Italy experts turn to for definitive information.  Fred discovered the concept of "The Renaissance Man" as a small child and has devoted himself to pursuing that ideal as the central role of his life. In a “Public Lives” profile in The New York Times on August 30, 2002, Plotkin was described as "one of those New York word-of-mouth legends, known by the cognoscenti for his renaissance mastery of two seemingly separate disciplines: music and the food of Italy." In the same publication, on May 11, 2006, it was written that "Fred is a New Yorker, but has the soul of an Italian."

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1 Comment

Feb 18, 2022

Fine stories, all these intertwined reminiscences are typical of good times with old friends, remind me of similar ones in mathematics, Sweden, opera – we're so lucky to be able to have such memories! Fred's mention of UW-Madison reminded me of some good months here.

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