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A Few Laughs, and Now a Few Tears

By Steve Cash / Detroit

The author

With a little sadness, I say goodbye to Andrea and The Insider. Writing for Andrea was a privilege and wonderful opportunity. It gave me a chance to do what I have longed to do for years: write weekly articles with the express purpose of trying to express myself and possibly making people laugh a bit.

The deadlines forced me to discipline myself to deliver the work in a timely fashion. Andrea's patient and expert editing immeasurably enhanced whatever ability I possessed.

When The Insider was mentioned to me as a possible outlet, I was hesitant at first. I read some of the articles and most of the authors did not share my views on politics, the pandemic, and other vital concerns.

What convinced me to move forward was Andrea's integrity. When I shared my concerns with her, she was nothing but supportive. Although she also disagreed with my views, she not only allowed me to come on board, but in the true spirit of journalism, encouraged opposing views.

By and large the feedback I've received has been complimentary and rewarding. The kindness has helped my self-image and has motivated me to continue writing in the future. The unexpected praise from prolific and proven writers like David Weiss and Andrea herself make me feel that trying to take this thing a step further may be something more than just a pipe dream.

The criticism I suffered was also somewhat helpful. I realized how serious and passionate some readers were, and tried to diffuse their anger in a comical but heartfelt manner.

I know Andrea started The Insider with the pandemic as the main theme, but for me it morphed into something much greater. It gave an aging realtor a chance to turn back the clock, and try to get back in touch with the creative side that I had long ago put to rest.

The legacy for me is eight months of fun, and having made some new friends. The readers to be sure, and most of all, Andrea.



Steve Cash is originally from Oak Park, Mich. He is a longtime real estate agent who used to do stand-up comedy in L.A. His claim to fame was winning The Gong Show in 1977, and working at the Comedy Store with such greats as David Letterman, Jay Leno, and Michael Keaton. After watching those brilliant comics perform, Steve realized he’d better make a beeline back to Detroit and get back into real estate. Steve has had articles published in a number of publications and enjoys writing and trying to make people laugh.   

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1 Comment

Jul 25, 2023

We're going to miss you Steve! Even though people disagree on politics culture and faith, you are able to convey your stand on these issues ... and with a sense of humor. You are able to break down the barriers of those who disagree with you so that they are comfortable being forthright with what they believe, Most people can't do this ... you have a gift! Even though you may disagree with each other. It takes courage to go into those arenas. Your sense of humor shows that you are passionate about what you believe, but maintain the lighter side of life which is the great balance that's our society truly desires. Keep up the good work and I…

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