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There Was Nothing Plain About Jane

By Andrea Sachs, Editor

Manhattan Meet-Up: Jane Fishman (l), Andrea Sachs (ctr) and Carmela Aliffi (r)
Manhattan Meet-Up: Jane Fishman (l), Andrea Sachs (ctr) and Carmela Aliffi (r)

I can’t claim Jane Fishman as a blood relative, as can Bonnie Fishman, our lucky cooking columnist. But after editing Jane’s seven stories for The Insider, and having lunch with Jane and her wife Carmela Aliffi during their trip in March to New York City, I knew that Jane would become one of my journalistic role models. She had all the creativity and curiosity of the writers and authors whom I most admire and try to emulate.

The three of us had a delightful lunch on March 6th at Harvest Kitchen, a popular restaurant on the Upper West Side. As part of an animated conversation, Jane and I talked about our mutual love for journalism and our common roots in suburban Detroit. When we said goodbye, Jane and Carmela and I made plans to see each other again on their next visit to Manhattan. It was not to be. Jane passed away at 78 on October 16 in Savannah, Ga.

Bonnie Fishman’s lovely tribute to Jane, her first cousin, follows as part of our cover package celebrating our gifted Savannah contributor. We are also running a tribute to Jane by Zach Dennis that appeared on October 19 in the Savannah Morning News, where Jane worked for more than 30 years. Finally, we are re-running our favorite story by Jane, “If the Dress Fits, Wear it,” about her 2021 marriage to Carmela after a 20-year courtship.

We encourage you to stick around and get to know Jane. She was a wonderful teammate and talented wordsmith. Her many friends at The Insider, including yours truly, will miss her.



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