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Letters to the Editor

Updated: May 1, 2020

This week, we hear from Naomi Cohen in Calgary, Alberta and Mitzi Jacobs in West Bloomfield, Michigan, Both are Insider subscribers who live in senior living residences. Although they live almost 2,000 miles apart, they tell similar stories of long days in lockdown, without the company of family, friends and fellow residents. We send our love to our computer-savvy friends Mitzi and Naomi, and look forward to the return of a more convivial lifestyle for both of them soon!

Dear Editor,

Another lonely day. I've lost track of how long we have been totally isolated--no activities or gatherings. The dining room is closed--all meals are brought to our suites. I lost my beloved husband of 68 plus years two years ago. Never in my 91-plus years have I felt so adrift and purposeless. The staff are all lovely and caring; they bring snacks and games through the day. They also lead guided walks around our building three times a day. We have to sign up early as only four or five can go out at a time. Reading, New York Times crosswords and needlepoint make old eyes tired, but I do enjoy as much as possible. We do have an exercise class every morning. It certainly helps to keep somewhat active. There was a craft activity the other day. I am so NOT artistic and did not participate. My neighbor across the hall is truly an artist and made colorful woven rings, which now adorn the two doors into my suite. What a dear! I watch too much news--none of it good. I’m off to do a laundry before I settle to cuddle with my cat on the couch. Please be well.

Love, Naomi Cohen


Dear Editor,

I’m living at All Seasons in West Bloomfield, Michigan. I really love it! Meals are served, there are movies, programs, and very nice people. Since the latest problems, we are not going out in the hallways, The table I had sat at for my meals was really nice. Friendly people! Now, our meals are brought to our apartment. I don’t know how long this will last. I haven’t been out of my apartment or seen any of the friends I had made here. I haven’t been in the hallways.


Mitzi Jacobs



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