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Flour Power

Updated: May 15, 2020

Sienna Beck
Sienna Beck

Little pandemic pitchers have big ears. That’s what Insiders Lisa Sachs and Matt Beck, seven-year-old Sienna Beck’s parents, discovered this week. There was a spirited discussion going on in Sienna’s home about the fact that baking the family’s favorite dishes was tricky, since flour is in short supply right now.

As the New York Times reported this week: “Baking supplies — yeast, flour, baking powder — have become particularly prized finds as people stuck at home have time to perfect their challah bread or knead out their anxieties. “Everybody’s becoming a mini-Martha Stewart,” said Joseph Viscomi, a supervisor for Morton Williams, which now limits customers to one yeast package each and has waiting lists at many of its 15 New York City supermarkets. Five-pound bags of King Arthur Flour have been so hard to score that they were selling this week on eBay for $26.49, five times the store price. “There’s a black market for flour right now,” said Cristen Kennedy, 38, a college health educator who has scoured a dozen grocery and baking sites since flour disappeared from her grocery store in the Bronx.”

Sienna took the culinary bull by the horns. The budding junior scribe surprised her parents by appealing to a higher authority to provide the much-treasured ingredient to her flour-strapped family. Bring on the chocolate chip cookies!



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