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Letters to the Editor

Updated: Nov 11, 2020

November 11, 2020

Dear Editor,

Today is all about relief. Not celebration, just relief. The world is still not a perfect place, and neither is our democracy. We are a divided country, and we will likely still be divided. But one thing is certain - no longer will we have a president who uses the bully pulpit to misinform, miseducate, and mislead the citizens of this country.

So, Trump enthusiasts, you can keep claiming that Donald Trump is the only real alternative to socialist dictators. You can keep talking about how the election was rigged with absolutely no evidence whatsoever, other than the fact that the chosen candidate said so. You can keep talking about how COVID-19 is a left-wing hoax. You can keep believing that the President of the United States should have anything more than a small impact on our day-to-day lives. Social media will humor you, and allow you to indulge in such baseless pursuits with others who will boost your dopamine levels and make you feel smarter with every "like.”

But thankfully, today is the day that our President will no longer be the reason why. And for that, we are all better off.

Breathe normally now,

An Anonymous Insider/New York City


Jubiliant crowds gather in front of the White House to celebrate Biden’s victory
Jubiliant crowds gather in front of the White House to celebrate Biden’s victory

Dear Editor,

A few thoughts about the past extraordinary week:

I think that the days of having an election day may be gone. From now on, it will be election month. That makes a lot of sense--it encourages participation, reduces wait times overall, and is probably a good thing.

I've been rather numb the past few days. With 60+% of the population claiming to be opposed to everything our President has done, I'm amazed, and somewhat disheartened by just how close the numbers are. A four million vote lead in the national tally seems like a lot, but I think it turns out to be 52% or 53%. I was hoping for much more than that. On the flip side, I'm very pleased with the overall participation. Democracy may not be dead after all.

Today, the sense of relief around noon when Pennsylvania was called and put Biden over the top, was palpable. But at the same time, I'm also dismayed at the prospect of a Senate in Republican hands that won't cooperate on anything because of primary election fears. I'm guessing the next four years won't see things improve very much. Perhaps some national leadership on the COVID-19 response, and some coherent views on science in general will help, but I don't feel overly optimistic. On the other hand, it could have been so much worse.

My wife, Robin, often says I'm too pessimistic, and sometimes she is correct :) I hope this is one of those times. I am very happy with the election results, although it clearly isn't over yet, and won't be for some time/ But I'm guessing (optimistically) that even a bought-and-paid-for Supreme Court can't overturn things the way they stand now I'll keep my fingers crossed and wait for January 20th.

A postcript : Perhaps Trump can get the election results invalidated, leaving no winner at all. On January 20th at noon, we would have President Pelosi! Wouldn't that be an interesting start to the new decade?

Take care,

Neil Cohen/Herndon, Va.

Neil Cohen has been married to Insider Robin Cohen for 42+ years.
They have 2 grown sons, Steven and Daniel Neil works as a computer scientist. For
the past 15 years, his job has mainly revolved around keeping
the Internet running. In his spare time, he enjoys reading,
Aikido, traveling, ballroom dancing and long walks with

Robin and their dog Shira.


The Vice President-Elect and the President-Elect in their first post-victory appearance
The Vice President-Elect and the President-Elect in their first post-victory appearance

Dear Editor,

BIDEN AND HARRIS WIN!! Yes, I know that we still have a Republican-controlled Senate that will most likely operate in an obstructionist manner. And yes, I know that we still have a recalcitrant and delusional current President who refuses to concede. And yes, I know we still have troll farms spewing misinformation, a rise of white supremacy, an uncontrolled pandemic, Fox News, global warming that is contributing to unprecedented hurricanes and forest fires, warlike litigation against the election results. a skewed- to-the-right Supreme Court and a deeply divided nation. The list goes on and on. But right now, in this moment, as I see democracy work, I choose (and deeply need) to celebrate with relief, joy and hope.

Electorally Yours,

Robin Cohen/Herndon, Va.

Robin Cohen has been married to Insider Neil Cohen for 42 years, with two grown sons, Daniel and Steven. Robin works as a clinical social worker specializing in couples’ therapy. She has been selected twice by the Washingtonian Magazine as “Top Couples Therapist.” Cohen was a former adjunct faculty at Virginia Tech’s Marriage and Family Therapy Program where she worked as a clinical supervisor and was part of two research teams. Her favorite quote comes from the British psychiatrist, John Bowlby. “All behavior makes sense given its context.” When not working, Robin enjoys playing the piano, reading, traveling and ballroom dancing with Neil.



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